The Giving Institute Committees

Members are encouraged to participate on a committee of The Giving Institute. If you are interested in joining a committee, please email

Below is a list of The Giving Institute committees and their members: 

Executive Committee

Rachel Hutchisson  Chair
Ted Grossnickle, CFRE 1st Vice Chair
Peter J. Fissinger, CFRE – 2nd Chair
Paul Koreen – Treasurer
Cedric A. Richner, CFRE Secretary
Jeffrey D. Byrne Immediate Past Chair
Jon Biedermann At Large Member

Marketing Committee

Provides strategy recommendations for the development and streamlining of Giving Institute and Giving USA Foundation marketing and communication initiatives.

Todd Levy– Chair
Rick Dunham 
Jeff Gordy
Greg Gorman

Rachel Hutchisson

Membership Committee

Oversees recruitment efforts for member acquisition and assist with the logistical steps of the membership application process.

Derek Alley – Co-Chair
Ryan Woroniecki – Co-Chair
Brenda B. Asare
Todd Bayliss
Jeffrey D. Byrne
William McMorran
George C. Ruotolo, Jr., CFRE
Aly Sterling
Brendan Smith

Program and Education Committee

Plans the educational offerings for in-person meetings and online webinars throughout the year, including the identification of speakers and content.

Angela Hodson - Chair
Jon Biedermann
Ben Golding
Ted Grossnickle 
Rachel Hutchisson
Steve Johns
Paul Koreen
Katie Lord
Poonam Prasad
RIchard Tollefson
James Yunker

Public Policy

Shares pertinent public policy news and updates with membership and assist with developing responses to position statements and policy issues on behalf of the organization.

Sally Ehrenfried – Co-Chair
Erin Shy – Co-Chair 
Poonam Prasad – Vice-Chair

Strategic Plan Committee

Assists with the development of the organization’s strategic plan and its deliverables as it relates to the mission, vision, and values for the future.

Ted Grossnickle – Co-Chair
Rachel Hutchisson – Co-Chair
Jeffrey D. Byrne
L. Gregg Carlson
Richard J. Dunham
Peter J. Fissinger, CFRE
Laura MacDonald, CFRE

Summer Symposium Committee

Oversees, plans, and executes logistical components of the annual Summer Symposium conference.

Kate Roosevelt - Chair
Sarah Barnes 
Jon Biedermann
Tucker Branham
Gregg Carlson
Angela Hodson
Rachel Hutchisson
Katie Lord
Wendy McGrady
Cedric Richner
Karen Rotko-Wynn
Ann Jennings Shackleford
Lauren Steiner
Aly Sterling
Sarah Williams
Ryan Woroniecki
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