GI Board of Directors

Each member of the Giving Institute has a voting member on the Board of Directors. The primary role of the Board of Directors is to provide strategic guidance, direction and advice for the Institute and to provide fiduciary oversight to protect the business property of the Institute.


Mr. Ted Grossnickle, CFRE
Johnson, Grossnickle + Associates 

1st Vice Chair
Mr. Peter J. Fissinger, CFRE
Campbell & Company

2nd Vice Chair
Ms. Brenda Asare
The Alford Group Inc. 

Mr. Paul Koreen

Mr. Ryan Woroniecki

Immediate Past Chair
Ms. Rachel Hutchisson

At Large Member
Mr. Cedric A. Richner, CFRE
Richner & Richner 



Mr. Ben Golding
Advancement Resources

Mr. David H. King, CFRE
Alexander Haas

Ms. Aly Sterling
Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Mr. Bill Jacobs
Analytical Ones

Mr. Derek Alley
Arthur Alley Associated

Mr. Daniel McDiarmid

Ms. Laura MacDonald, CFRE
Benefactor Group

Mr. Joshua Birkholz
Bentz Whaley Flessner

Mr. Jeffrey D. Byrne
Byrne Pelofsky + Associates LLC

Mr. L. Gregg Carlson
Carlson Fund Raising

Mr. Christopher K. Looney
CCS Fundraising

Ms. June Bradham, CFRE
CDM: Change Develop Move

Ms. Erin Shy
Community Brands

Ms. Michelle D. Cramer, CFRE
Cramer & Associates

Mr. James M. Brasher III
Development Counsel

Ms. Angela Hodson
Dini Spheris

Ms. Kasey Cuppoletti

Mr. Jon Biedermann
Mr. Richard J. Dunham

Mr. Robert Evans
Evans Consulting Group

Mr. Robert K. Lewis, CFRE
Global Advancement, LLC

Ms. Elizabeth Zeigler
Graham-Pelton Consulting, Inc.

Ms. Lauren Steiner
Grants Plus

Mr. William C. McMorran
Green Oak Consulting Group

Mr. John Glier
Grenzebach Glier and Associates

Mr. Dave Smith
Heaton Smith Group

Mr. Russ Hodge, CFRE
The Hodge Group

Mr. Gerry Lawless

Ms. Deb Taft

Mr. Phillippe G. Hills
Marts & Lundy, Inc.

Mr. Jeff Gordy
Neon One 

Mr. Steve Johns

Ms. Poonam Prasad
Prasad Consulting & Research

Mr. Todd Bayliss

Mr. George C. Ruotolo, Jr. CFRE
Ruotolo Associates Inc.
Ms. Lori Freeman

Mr. Don Souhrada
Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt, LLC

Ms. Wendy McGrady
The Curtis Group

Mr. Avrum Lapin
The Lapin Group, LLC.

Mr. Alan R. Hutson, Jr., MPA, CFRE
The Monument Group

Mr. Richard Tollefson
The Phoenix Philanthropy Group

Mr. Jim Bush
The Winkler Group

Mr. James D. Yunker, Ed.D
The Yunker Group 

Ms. Andrea McManus, CFRE

Mr. Kurt Worrell
TrueSense Marketing

Mr. Matt Melnick

Mr. Robert Yi
Westfall Gold

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