Why and How to Join

Our vision is simple. We want to develop extraordinary leaders in the world of philanthropy. Everything we do is designed to help elevate the fundraising consulting and nonprofit services industry and enhance the philanthropic sector, all while advancing your own career.


Annual Dues are $5,000


Membership in the Giving Institute is for fundraising consulting and nonprofit services firms. A Member is defined as a for profit entity or the affiliate(s) of such organization, whose services conform to the Institute’s Standards of Membership and Professional Conduct and primarily provide services to advance the mission of nonprofit organizations.


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Membership Approval Process

All membership applications will be reviewed and approved by The Giving Institute’s Membership Committee and Board of Directors. After completing an online application, the applicant must also submit a list of clients served within the past year (no more than 25), including name and contact information for each client. The Giving Institute will select and interview three clients from this list. After reviewing the comments received from clients, the membership application will be submitted to The Giving Institute Board of Directors for vote.


Benefits of Membership

  1. Marketing differentiation through brand equity—the prestige of membership and being affiliated with leading firms that all commit to high standards and ethical practice.
  2. Giving USA insiders’ access to the researchers and editorial board, putting member firms one step ahead with reliable analysis of giving patterns and trends. Not only do members have access to the researchers and product itself, but they also have access to the media.
  3. Critical learning, skill building, and professional development through symposia and educational programs tailored for the consulting firm executive.
  4. Opportunities for networking and mentoring with member firms of all sizes and in all major markets serving the US, Canada, and philanthropic communities worldwide. These formal and informal alliances can help you grow your business and have led to joint venture opportunities among member firms.
  5. Inclusion of your firm on The Giving Institute website, including your firm logo, alphabetical listing with other member firms, and through our online member referral service.
  6. Professional affiliations with leading aligned associations, currently including BoardSource and CFRE International, offering special benefits including membership, cost savings, and insider access. The Giving Institute is an approved provider for continuing CFRE education credits and member firms receive reduced fees for certification and recertification. All member firms receive a free membership in BoardSource and the opportunity to attend educational programs or purchase resources at a reduced cost
  7. Opportunity to influence public opinion, legislation, standards of practice, ethical codes, and other elements providing direction to the industry and changing the direction of philanthropy across our country and worldwide. 

As new members, Aly Sterling Philanthropy is thrilled by what we are experiencing and the benefits we are receiving. In only a few months I’ve gained access to industry thought-leaders who have inspired me to think and lead differently and have met peers who are open to sharing their success and challenges. The Giving Institute deserves its stellar reputation and abundantly illustrates its relevance to our growing and global industry.

For questions, contact The Giving Institute at info@givinginstitute.org.


225 W. Wacker Drive | Chicago, IL | 60606